Already Gone welcomes a resounding energy to the mix; brandishing their conversation-style duet with an exhilarating, uptempo beat. The lively melody works around resonant vocals from Devan and Khalid, hooking the listener in with drawn out “oh’s” and sweeping lyrics that transcend their previous releases.
— The BeatForest

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"Top 10 Toronto Musicians to Look out for in 2016" - The Culture Trip
“Opening with soft guitar and on-point melodies, Wandering Child reminisces of Canadian road trips from coast to coast. The uplifting harmonies bring a very real and grounding element to the track, striking a beautiful parallel to the meaning behind Wild Rivers’ rustic name.”
— The Beatforest

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”After all the success, the two-sum transitioned into a four-piece and changed their name to Wild Rivers. I think it is very safe to say that the new version of the band is a good one! The debut track “Wandering Child” is fantastic!”
— Indie Underground

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“I recently checked out their debut single “Wandering Child”, and was blown away. It is everything I imagined and more! Their music is still anchored in the folk roots that we are familiar with, but now, with a full band, it has evolved to a more expansive and full-bodied sound that layers beautifully to compliment Devan & Khalid’s harmonies. The lyrics are honest, insightful and vulnerable in a way that really allows us to connect to the artists. And yes, the chorus is infectiously catchy, just as we have come to expect from Devan & Khalid!”
— The Vault, Kingston

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