Day 1 as Wild rivers

Today is a big day. Today, October 29th 2015, marks the first step in this chapter of our journey, as we move forward as a new band, called Wild Rivers. For those of you who don't know, we (Devan Glover and Khalid Yassein) used to perform as a folk duo under the name of 'Devan & Khalid' (very creative, right?). We met at university where we started playing together, and formed a loyal fan base at Queen's in Kingston (ON). Upon graduating, we moved to the Toronto area where we paired up with our friends from Oakville - Andrew Oliver (bass/guitar) and Ben Labenski (drums), and began to perform as a full band. 

Graduation was a scary time for us. Queen's and Kingston had become our home, and we were going to have to say goodbye to the city, our friends, and the people that had become our biggest supporters. Most of our classmates were starting their full time jobs, and preparing to enter the "real world". Our "real world" was far from our academic fields of study (psychology and biology). We chose instead to take a risk and take on the path less travelled. We felt like we owed it to ourselves to follow our dreams and pursue something we truly loved. We haven't looked back.

Since moving back to Toronto (Bowmanville for Khalid, but close enough!) we have been pouring ourselves into our music. We kicked off our full-time careers by being voted in the Top 10 best new Canadian artists in the CBC Searchlight Contest, thanks to our incredibly devoted fans and our very annoying voting reminders. We then spent the summer playing shows all around the province and meeting some very cool people along the way. We spent some serious time recording at Catherine North Studios with our friend and wonderful producer, Dan Hosh. Most recently, we've had so much fun practicing and playing with our new bandmates Ben and Andrew.

With all these changes, the day has finally come that we move on from our old name, and adopt a new one that captures the music and dream that has become much bigger than Devan and Khalid alone. We're finally ready and thrilled to announce our name change from Devan & Khalid to Wild Rivers! 

Today is ALSO the day that we (Wild Rivers) release our debut single, 'Wandering Child'. Listen here:

We are beyond excited about these new developments, and can't wait to start our new journey as Wild Rivers. We want to truly thank everyone who has been supportive of our music up to this point. We are so lucky to have ongoing support from our friends, family, and fans. Without you guys, we would not have the resources and confidence to give this thing everything we have! There is a lot of risk involved in pursuing a career like this, because there is no guarantee for success (and we are so damn broke!). We are so lucky to have this control over our careers, and on a path that we feel like we are meant to follow. We're extremely driven to reach our potential and have the time of our lives doing it.

So. Apologies for being long winded. We had a lot to say. Thank you all for sticking with us up to this point. We've got so much more planned, and we are so happy that you are behind us every step of the way. Thank you.

Sincerely signed, and for the final time,
Devan & Khalid